Friday, March 29, 2013

Monster Unleashed!

It's Good Friday, school is closed, I'm not working, a/c installation at home, so I'm tied here with computer, Michael posted 24 pics of me on fb for my bday, horrified at exposure, but keep commenting and even added ANOTHER picture, took dogs out for walk to keep myself from posting more, but not totally safe, bc iPhone, with me, can access fb, so posting to blog, to vent, bc no one will see it there. Help. Full blown panic attack bearing down on me. Have unexpectedly gone insane on fifty-sixth birthday. Now on backyard deck, trying to pull myself together after seeing so many images of myself on fb - I have issues - flirting with the point of no return, look up and see little soldier guy hanging from lamplight on my house. Made me feel like laughing hysterically. My own little hanging-from-the-lamppost-person. Just like in the French Rev. What sick person did that?!

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