Friday, March 8, 2013

Fersen letters: As Tensions Rise

To Sophie:

"Paris is always the same, and my fears for the life of the King and Queen preoccupy me incessantly.  The seditious no longer hide their plans, and the Palace is threatened at any moment.  Their Majesties can no longer go out together, nor sleep, at the same time.  They rest alternately, so that there is always one who watches, in the expectation of seeing their apartments forced by these cannibals.  It fills me with horror, and their position is heart-rending for those who know, as I do, all the details."

This is Sophie, by the way...

To Marie Antoinette, from Axel Fersen:

"Now is the critical moment, and I am shaken to the soul.  God keep you all, that is my one prayer.  If hiding be of any use, do not hesitate, I implore you, to do so.  It may be necessary to give time to get at you.  If it come to this, there is a cellar in the Louvre, in Laporte's lodgings.  I believe it to be little known, and safe.  You might use it.  This is the day the Duke of Brunswick sets forth;  he will want eight to ten days to reach the frontier..."

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