Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A new friend

This kind man came down from his studio, where he restores gilding on furniture for the Château de Versailles, and took Elissa, Matt and me into the Chapel.  Into. The. Chapel.  Where Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI were married.   It was wondrous.

The reason he graciously gave us a private tour is that he and Elissa, my new best friend, have recently exchanged emails and become fb friends.  People take to that girl right away.  He just left his important work and came down to meet her and, next thing I know, he's moving aside the rope that holds back the crowd looking into the Chapel, and we're acting like we own the place.

I was probably too much of a coward to take his picture while he was facing me, so you're unable to see how handsome a Versailles craftsman is.


Laurent HIssier said...

Thanks à lot Madeleine for this post !

Madeleine Doak said...

You're more than welcome. Thank you for your generosity in taking us into the chapel. I hope we meet again.