Monday, March 11, 2013

# 5 Rue des Ciseaux

The building on the right is one of several on this street that were built in the 16th Century and are still standing.  It sits on a narrow street that used to be a moat that ran along the south side of the Abbey.  Because I took pictures of two different doorways with the #5 above them, I googled the address to make sure this was the one on Rue des Ciseaux.  Google brought up a real estate ad for the apartments in the building.  The paint has been changed, but the window made it possible to make a positive ID (that sentence sounds like something Sargent Joe Friday would say).  The average rent for an apartment was over 13,000 Euros a month when it was advertised - remember paint change… could've been awhile ago.  And, even though there's a line for the construction year in the description, there's no mention of the 16th Century.  It's not an attractive building.  Haussman's work did spruce up the city a bit.

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