Let's go to Paris!

I've finally found someone who is as interested in French history as I!  She doesn't just have an interest, she has a Master's in European History to back it up.  Meeting Elissa (online, no less) is a prime example of what I've always told my kids about life.  You just really never know what can happen.  Many of the very best things in my life have just fallen into my lap with no prior planning, expectation, or even conscious hope.   So it was when I happened upon Elissa's blog, was emboldened by the fact she was from Texas, sent her an email to ask her a simple question about Paris, and, from that, almost instantly, we decide to meet in Paris in March.  For five years, I've wanted someone with whom I could discuss the ins and outs of French history and, suddenly, here she is.  It's so fantastic that it's easy to be unintimidated by the fact that she's young and adorable.  It helps that, as a Texan, she's also down to earth and just a really nice person.

Instead of trudging through my version of Elissa's, and her husband, Matt's, (who, by the way, is a chef which dovetails nicely with another interest of mine) glittering evening at an actual Versailles masked ball, you can read her sparkling description on her blog:  http://thetravelingpear.com/2011/07/10/591/ 

And, the section of the blog that prompted me to email her:     

If, by some freak occurrence, someone stumbles upon this blog and shares this obsession, let me know and you'll be welcome to join us in Paris.  If you'd like a preview of the fun we're going to have, scroll past my recent family posts until you get to the ones about Marie Antoinette's Petit Trianon - starting with "Je Vous Donne"- and other Paris/French history stuff posted during the last few years.  We're going to see all, plus more!


Anonymous said…
I'm so glad you reached out Madeleine. We're going to have such a fabulous time in Paris...obsessing over the characters of the 18th century. That's not the least bit weird...or is it? Who cares.
"Est la vie."
Anyone who thinks it's weird just doesn't know what they're missing!
bbleftwich said…
How exciting. I hope you all have a grand time and I look forward to reading about it!
Becky, I bet you'd love Paris! It's not too late to book those anniversary tickets!

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