Monday, August 26, 2013

Musée Carnavalet - I look like I'm holding my breath in anticipation

I'm meeting my friend, Terri, tomorrow to talk about our 2015 Marie Antoinette tour!

First Day, probably the most important day of my school year, certainly the most high profile, is OVER.   If one can be high profile (in the little pond that is TWHS) while in a windowless bunker-like room with thousands of sheets of paper containing students' names, and an adding machine, I was.  For the record, our active student count is 3034.  Or, is it 3043?  Oh, well, it's in the past and all balanced and on a cart ready for me to pawn off on someone else who I'm sure will be delighted to see it.

So, now I can concentrate on the crazy-good Mother-Daughter tour to Austria and Paris that Terri and I are going to lead.  She's going to lead and I'm going to run along next to her and provide a steady stream of the Marie Antoinette, French history chatter that I've had to suppress for six years.

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