Saturday, November 7, 2015

This is how it was. The shots of the exterior of our home are actually of the house in which I grew up.   


elena maria vidal said...

Can't wait until I have time to watch this! I love your blog! Good luck on your book!

Margaret said...

I had the honor of meeting your father and listening to him speak back in 2003 when I worked for Guidant. My manager at the time, Brian Ewald, is friends with one of your brothers and had arranged for him to speak to our group. Your father's story about his time as a POW has stuck with me all of these years later. Brian was able to have your father sign a copy of his book for me shortly before he died. It was so touching to read his inscription: "to Margaret, aka Nursemeg, in great admiration for your nursing dedication".

It will be something I cherish forever.