Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My first home

David and I stayed in Cap Ferrat, just down the hill from Villefranche and Beaulieu-sur-Mer, where my family had lived when I was born.  An email to my older brothers resulted in a stream of memories that allowed me to see it all through their eyes.  Jimmy, who's visited the area, I think, nearly every year of his adult life, even sent me a handy hand drawn map.  It's got a pirate-like look to it, missing only the big X to mark the treasure.

David and I walked up to Beaulieu via an incomparably lovely path along the Mediterranean Sea, so we could see...

... where it all began

The Boys had lived there... 

... when Denton life was simple and carefee

...  and the future was an unknown

Thinking about my family on the hotel balcony.

I love the cooperation and teamwork in this picture of Jimmy and Billy.

My Dad with Jimmy and Billy and Maryse, the nanny (mom called her my "nurse") - the poor woman was in her early twenties, taking care of five children (four hellions and a precious angel of a baby), cleaning and cooking.  My mother happily recorded her antiquing, shopping, sightseeing, lunch and tea with her friends and visitors.  The diary abruptly stopped the day after Maryse quit for a better job (washing dishes in a restaurant, she said, though a chain gang would've been an improvement) and Mom had to get back to reality.

Donny and Jimmy with Karen Beatty whose parents became friends during this time and remained so forever.

July 2015:  David is standing in the road that's right in front of the market and I think our house was up the hill to the left.

Pretty darn sassy for a mother of five

Possibly the first record of the Alligator Look.  Jimmy and Jerry look like they're trying to fly under the radar.  Is this related to who wrote on the mirror?

The Boys were adorable little adventurers!

July 2015:  Mom's favorite market is still there.

Dad's ship, the Salem, was often docked in the harbor.  I don't think this ship is the Salem, though.

July 2015:  I ordered Salade Niçoise, at Donny's suggestion.  


My parents had a wonderful time on their last trip to the area - they stayed in Michele's parents' apartment in Nice with Don and Michele.  



Micah said...

WOW. Wow Wow Wow. I've never seen most of those pictures of your parents' life in Nice. Your mom is a hottie. And the boys look like something out of an LL Bean catalogue. Absolutely beautiful. I also love the picture of your parents back in Nice so many years later. I know there were plenty of hardships in between those two eras, and it must have been surreal for them to be back after all of that time and while living such a different life, but it's equally remarkable that they were able to go back together at all. I love it. Can't wait for the book!

Mary Lewis said...

I couldn't agree more Micah!! Well said. Madeleine, I just left you a voice message. Just love every post and picture. Had me laughing and crying. Can't wait for the book either! Love you so!!

Madeleine Doak said...

I'm regressing back into childhood and have started to think and write of you as Mary Beth! Thank you for your comment and sentiments. They mean everything to me, because you're my sister and I love you!

Madeleine Doak said...

Micah, I know you've heard every story I've got because you used to try to push back bedtime by asking me me to tell you a story about my childhood and I could never resist.

SilverShund said...

One must give weight to the fact that you quite possibly were not "born" in France, but were reincarnated there.....

Madeleine Doak said...

Silvershund, you're showing your hand more clearly with comments like that... The way I've felt lately, I wouldn't be surprised if I were not only reincarnated, but possessed.