Saturday, August 15, 2015

Barbara and I agree on everything.

Before my trip, I went to dinner with one of my very closest friends, Barbara.  She lit up at the mention of Barcelona.  She said, "I love Barcelona!" and so I knew I would, too, because Barbara and I agree about everything.

For me to feel comfortable enough to have dispensed with my cardigan and walked the crowded streets of Barcelona sleeveless says something about the relaxed and accepting atmosphere.  I'm aware that my wearing of a cotton shield says something about me as well.  

By the time we got there, the sight of flights of stairs made me happy. Up, up, up became fun. These, in our hotel, were prettier than those in the subway.

I had to congratulate myself on the pre-ordering of this fruit which was waiting for us in our room when we arrived.  I took the picture after we'd already happily devoured a couple of kabobs.  It had been a long train day.

 Each of our hotels was fancier than necessary.  We could've stayed in hostels, but the trip was funded by my father's hard earned money and I'm sure he'd have wanted David and me to live it up.

Extravagant breakfast buffet award goes to Hotel Granvia in Barcelona.  What did they do with the leftovers?

Barcelona is known for the architecture and art of Antoni Gaudí whose creations were fanciful with strong religious overtones.  This Guidí building (above) reminds me of a mouse house.  The ones below were from a different building, a private home that he'd designed and built for a client.  My brother, Don, an artist himself, studied in Barcelona, so he was especially on my mind during my time there.

David and I walked to the beach and along the wide boardwalk and took a few pictures.  En route, we stopped at what was my favorite place Barcelona...

This place spoke to me.  

It was on a corner, so there were two entrances.

Love Every Day

Barcelona was more Me than the other cities we visited.  It was just so comfortable.  I felt completely at home.  If not for my love of French history and my deep feelings about the events that took place in Paris during the Revolution, Barcelona might be my favorite city.  Paris is beautiful, probably more beautiful, but what's beauty without heart?  Because of the Revolution, Paris has substance, but I never feel particularly comfortable there.  So few people smile at me in Paris.  I need positive reinforcement.

Tapas and a yummy arugula and chèvre salad with mustard dressing that I've recreated at home.

I have thousands of new memories with my firstborn.  This trip was priceless.

David liked using his Spanish - in this picture, with a friendly taxi driver.

On the way to the airport, we saw crypts built into the hillside.  One more reason to like Barcelona.

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Micah said...

Let's go back to Barcelona next year! It looks amazing. I love the pictures and your writing (particularly about the cotton shield) is so clever!