Sunday, March 22, 2015


These are the rough drafts of a few of the letters that I wrote to my father while he was a POW and a picture of me writing one, acutely aware of the responsibility to say something, anything, to make him feel better.  Some of the letters have notes in my mother's handwriting stating which pictures she mailed with them.  I couldn't find the picture of me in the gypsy costume.  Darn it. Gypsy is a good look for me.

Dear Daddy,

I don't know if you know, but before school started I got a kitten which is now a cat.  About two weeks ago, she had 5 kittens!  I still like to fish a lot.  Not to be bragging, but I am one of the smartest kid (sic / Editor's note:  ironic, huh?) in my class.  School will be out in 3 more days.  I will be sad when it is over my teacher is going away.  Susie the goose had 7 babies.  Mommy said I should have a farm because I love animals so much.  Almost all the ducks had babies this spring.  I am going to join Girls Scouts next year.  I only have 2 boyfriends which I don't know if they are my boyfriends.  I really have a lot of tomboyish in me.  Mother says I would be a good boy.

With neighbor, Sarah Jean Taylor, holding baby duck that we'd swept up in a net.  We were too loosely supervised.  I'd never have let my children violate those poor little ducklings' rights.

"I only have two boyfriends which I don't know if they're boyfriends."  Sounds like I overthought everything even when I was ten.  A girl's life is full of confusion.  Good thing I had tomboyishness to fall back on.


Dear Daddy,

I am doing well in school.  I don't like boys much anymore.  I am proud of you. I was a gypsy for Halloween.

your Daughter

Dear Daddy,

Our yard is beautiful.  All our flowers are blooming - tulips, daffodils, crocus, azealas (sic), and all those flowers.  I've been taking horseback riding almost 1 year now.  I love it.  It is wonderful.  I can't tell you how much I like it.  I've learned to trot, canter, and jump.  I love you and I miss you.