Thursday, January 29, 2015

Don's gift of our mother in the Tuileries Garden

My brother, Don, painted a portrait of my mother, based on this shot of her posing for my father's camera in the Tuileries Garden in the late 1950s.

My father's empty chair beside her; a rose bush with seven roses; the airplane overhead; ironing board and iron; church in the background are among the symbolic images that make the canvas one of my favorite possessions.  Don gave it to our mother at her 80th birthday party and he gave it to me last month.

Don sculpted this bust in college.  It was among my father's estate items and I asked Don if I could have it, but he'd already given it to Jerry, so he gave me Mom in the Tuileries Garden.  I'm more than happy with the substitution.  Although, I may campaign for Jerry to give me the bust, too.  :)

Don and me at our father's 80th birthday party.  

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