Sunday, December 28, 2014

Château de Digoine

Architectural Digest December 2014 issue features a spread on a newly restored Burgundy château owned by a French television producer slash collector whose choices reflect a love of history not merely of monetary value nor beauty.  Pardon me for being so crass as to bring up money, but maybe Hollywood should rethink salaries.  According to the article, the producer, Jean-Louis Remilleux came from "modest circumstances."  He's come a long way.  I haven't seen the homes of Tom Hanks nor Stanley Kubrick, but doubt they measure up.  The French producer knows how to spend it well, though.  Architectural Digest quotes him, "I have a nostalgia for a time I never experienced... Antiques are not dead things.  They teach us a lot about how we lived and thought." He completed this little fixer upper in a year and said of his "addiction," "it's cheaper than cocaine and better for my health."

Remilleux lives in the château, but parts of it are open for visitors. How spectacular!  If Burgundy were within walking distance of Paris, I'd love to take the tour. Damn my navigation limitations!  I'd love to see the Marie Antoinette room with its Alexander Kucharsky "image" (that makes me wonder whether or not it's an original) of the Queen mourning Louis XVI.  It's mentioned in the article, but not represented in the photos.

The canapé beneath the mirror belonged to Madame Geoffrin in whose salon gathered the brilliant artists, politicians and intellectuals of the 18th century.  If only furniture could speak...

The bed once belonged to famous French Revolutionary Madame Roland. Its setting at Château de Digoine is more sumptuous than that in her relatively humble home would've been.  I wonder what Madame Roland would've thought had she known where her bed would end up.  I bet she'd have feigned indignation, but strutted, internally.

Treat yourself to this Architectural Digest article with its sumptuous photographs of the home and collection and interview with the château's owner, Jean-Louis Remilleux.  If you're like me, reading it and viewing the pictures will provide a character-building, envy-squelching opportunity.

Thanks to Tea at Trianon blog for bringing the article to my attention.


Elissa said...

A chateau we must chase.

Madeleine Doak said...

I meant to send you a link so you'd be sure and see this post, E. We definitely need to go. I'll push the stroller and make it as easy as possible for you! Also, call me if you get close enough to The Woodlands for us to meet while you're in Texas.

David Doak said...
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Madeleine Doak said...

David, Come Back! I didn't mean to delete your comment!