Thursday, November 27, 2014

French Revolution. Scrapbook. Like.

This year, my favorite Paris trip souvenir came from the Conciergerie gift shop.  It's publication in 2009 had escaped my notice and I was instantly captivated at the sight of it.    It's 12" x 12", comes in a decorative box. and has the facsimiles of forty famous documents tucked among the paintings, text and illustrations.  I like it a lot.

In keeping with my usual lazy writing, here's the Amazon review.:

Superbly illustrated, The French Revolution brings to life events such as the storming of the Bastille, the march of the Parisienne women on Versailles, the Oath of the Tennis Court, endeavoring to find a middle-way compromise, the Royal Familys attempted flight to Varenne, their execution, the ferocious tricoteuses (made famous by Dickens in A Tale of Two Cities) and sans culottes baying for blood on the Concorde, the Terror, in all its gore; the famous contemporaries, Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette, Mirabeau, Danton, Marat, St Just and Robespierre, and finally the advent of 26-year-old General Bonaparte.

I came across an online version of the 1901 publication, My Scrapbook of the French Revolution by Elizabeth Wormeley Latimer, available for free download, too...)

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