Saturday, September 6, 2014

Texas - my children's home and heritage - It's growing on me.

Last weekend I drove with David from Austin to his new home in El Paso.  A couple of weekends prior, Micah and I visited Terry's parents in Lubbock and talked extensively of their childhoods in Texas of the early-mid 1900's.  The exposure to the great expanse of Texas must be having an effect on me.  I'm starting to see what Texans have been seeing for generations.  It's kind of cool.

I took this picture from a spot that overlooks the city of El Paso and its sister city, Juarez.  David's home is beyond his right shoulder at the foot of Crazy Cat Mountain. 

Our Mexican neighbors - the border of Texas and Mexico

No need to be worried about population growth.  The 570 miles between Austin and El Paso is practically devoid of people as far as the eye can see.  

It was wonderful to spend a long weekend alone with my son.  

Though I offered to stock his kitchen, the only thing he wanted was his favorite cereal.  Fifteen boxes of it.  And, two containers of raspberries.  

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