Thursday, July 10, 2014

Le petit déjeuner

Departed Texas without any complications except forgot lipstick and left can of seltzer water in freezer which surely led to explosion.  Smooth traveling.  Made friends with girl at airport who's getting a PhD in the U.S. on some aspect of elephant behavior.  She studied them in the wild in Sri Lanka, too.  She was returning home to Paris for visit and suggested we exchange #s, so I could meet her parents.  I'd like that.

Arrived at hotel hours before check-in, so I may just sit in this pretty room and tap away on my phone for a couple of hours as I acclimate.  Struggling to nip my feelings of self-doubt in the face of Parisians.  It's a well-known fact that Louis XV could and did knock the top off his soft-boiled egg with one strike, one hand.  I don't have that skill and am afraid to ask how to eat the one that's been placed in front of me.  Also, afraid to try yogurt even though it's Dannon simply because the packaging is unfamiliar.  I'd never make it in Sri Lanka.


Micah said...

I literally laughed out loud at this. You're so clever!

I hope that you successfully grappled with the hard boiled egg and yogurt. Also, do you remember that girl's name? I want to be her new best friend. I love elephant psychology!

Madeleine Doak said...

Micah, you're not very discriminating where my humor is concerned. Yeah, you'd have loved this girl. I have her full name, email address and phone #. Actually, I've been distracted and forgot to contact her, but will, at least to encourage her to do a blog, so we can see her work.

Danielle said...

Lol!!!! That's funny! I could imagine you the whole time reading you describe the situation. You are too darn cute!

Danielle said...

You are so funny!! This place looks so cozy! Enjoy your petit dejeuner!!!