Friday, July 4, 2014

I have a thing for handwritten letters.   

This is supposedly a letter written by Marie-Amelie It was offered on eBay last month, but it's $81 final bid didn't meet the reserve, so it was removed from auction.  It's a museum quality item, by my standards anyway, which mean nothing, but how would one guarantee its authenticity before buying?

I've bought a few inexpensive late 18th-early 19th Century French letters online and from Les Puces flea market in Paris.  I'm always hoping to stumble on an undiscovered Axel Fersen to Marie Antoinette letter in a dusty, cluttered stall at Les Puces.  Unrealistic since I'd not recognize their handwriting nor be able to read the letter to identify the writer.  Hopefully they had the courtesy to sign their names in large block letters.

My friend, Danielle, translated one of my letters.  It was from a young woman to her uncle.  In it, she said, among other things,

"I am not a bit concerned of my health, it has even maybe gone through some amelioration since I left you and if I took care of myself I would be fine;  but this damn gluttony of which I cannot correct myself, contributes, I believe, to entertain in me what I again know of my state.   Pray God that I may correct myself soon to attempt to make myself ashamed.  Scold me well, I beg you.  Whatever you tell me will always be outside of what I deserve."

Eighteenth Century Girl, you're my kindred spirit.  I'm eating Oreos as I type this.

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