Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mansion, Museum, Library - If only there were rumors of roaming spirits

After the inspiring Defiant reception, the tour of the House floor, the sharing of stories, laughter and a few tears at the Monocle afterwards, Micah, Michael and I  crept back in to Anderson House at about two in the morning.  We seemed to be completely alone in the mansion/museum although the next day we did catch a glimpse of another Society member and his family.  Somehow, in our search for ice (maybe we deliberately went the long way to the kitchen), we managed to set off the burglar alarm.  An automated voice blared, "Burglar!  Burglar!" over and over, inside and outside of the building, with alternating rounds of a whirling siren as we scurried back to our suite in bare feet and pajamas.  With hopes of someday returning to Anderson House, it's best to adopt "the less said the better" policy here.  Mercifully, the full story doesn't include an arrest.

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