Sunday, May 4, 2014

Our stay at Society of the Cincinnati's Anderson House

In March, only days after my father's passing, family members attended a reception and book event for the recently released book, Defiant, by Alvin Townley, at the Capital.  It was a bittersweet to be there, honoring my father and the other ten Alcatraz prisoners, subjects of the book,  so close to the time that we lost him.  Ultimately, it was a gratifying experience, given the association and fellowship with the other POWs and their families as well as members of Congress and well-wishers.  

While in Washington, Micah and I were guests of my brother, Michael, at the Society of the Cincinatti's Anderson House.   Michael smooths the way, takes care of everything, to such an extent that I seriously congratulated myself for pitching in and helping when I reached my hand out to open the elevator door all by myself.

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