Saturday, September 28, 2013

Return to Watergate Lane

Mr. Armstrong, our neighbor from beginning to the end, beneath the sign, holding it still with a stick, so I could grab and secure it.;  Jerry on the ladder, me on the car, (neighbor Skippy Walker?) and Mary with their backs to the camera.  What must little nine year old Mary Beth have been thinking?

Winship, Jerry, me, Mom, Dad, Michael - just as Dad alighted from the car.  He's looking toward the neighbors and the sign hanging over the street.

Just look at the expression on Dad's face.  Even with the grainy quality of the photo, one can see the overwhelmed awe of the moment as he walked across the lawn of the home he left nearly eight years before, taking it all in.

The video of this scene on the news was cute.  After everyone went into the house, closing the door behind us, Michael opened the door and called his black cocker spaniel, Morgan. (Whatever happened to that dog?  A lot of pets made their way through that household, never to be seen again!)

Pictured:  Winship, Billy, Dad, Michael

Tour of the house - at the top of the stairs, coming out of my bedroom, with my canopy bed in the background, entering Mary's bedroom, which led to Jerry's.  Mom in a pink dress, Billy in print shirt, Michael obscured by Billy, pointing something out to Dad.


Kimmy said...

I remember it was so cool how you had to go through Mary's room to get to Jerry's room. My kids would have had a fit w/ that situation now days. I can hear them now "get out of my room"! Love all the expressions on your Dad's face - pure joy.

Madeleine Doak said...

I used to go into Jerry's room and put on headphones and listen to The Supremes and sing at the top of my voice when no one was home. I loved to come home on the bus and look down the street and see no cars there. Empty house! An introvert's dream!