Thursday, September 26, 2013

Interview press photos purchased on EBay

Describing the Hanoi March in an interview with Kathryn Johnson in our living room; describing the "rope rick" at a press conference at Elon College where my brother, Jimmy, was a student;  my grandmother removing the POW bracelet with her eldest son's name on it;  drawing the Alcatraz layout with George Coker, who'd been held there, along with Dad and others, because he'd taken part in a short-lived escape;  sketching the layout of the Alcatraz cells.  


Kimmy said...

Which I still had my bracelet - have no idea what happened to it.

Madeleine Doak said...

I've got mine. I wonder if they're on Ebay. The price of the press photos I bought on Ebay doubled when the seller realized they had found a sucker to buy them.