Monday, September 30, 2013


My mother's Oct. 2, 1965 diary entry describes how Jimmy called Kitty, my mother's college roommate, at her job at the State Dept., collect, from school, and told her "Mom is alright, at least on the outside." but that she needed her and could she come down?  He must've sweet talked a nun at Norfolk Catholic into letting him use the Father Dornan's (?) phone.  Kitty told Mom she never need worry about that boy.  That turned out to be true.  Jimmy is about as capable and independent as they come. 

 By Oct. 2, Kitty had already come down from DC to VB once since Dad had been shot down in mid-July and was to stay with us many times during those years.  As you can see, by Feb, '70 (actually this was taken at Christmas and not developed until Feb.,) Kitty could persuade Mom to laugh once in awhile.


Kimmy Coleslaw said...

Despite what she may have been feeling - I always remember your Mom seeming pleasant - a demur smile that must have hidden the sadness, but as a child I didn't see the difference in her and any other mother -what a strong lady she was, and what a role model!!! (Remember Witchy Poo & the Warden too) - our moms, what we wouldn't give to have a sit down today w/ them.

Madeleine Doak said...

Mom didn't show the pain, at least not to the little kids. And, I don't remember sitting around and talking about the situation very often. Maybe she was more open with the boys. There were so many of us and she was so busy that it was easy for her to skim along without involving us in the ups and downs.

Yes, just one more chance with our moms would be priceless. Remember how I dreamed about your mother the night she passed away? That's the closest I've ever gotten to thinking I had any connection with another world. It was so strange, because we weren't in particularly close communication at that time and I don't know that I'd ever dreamed about your mother before. It was just like how they say that someone "came to me in a dream." That's special.

Kimmy said...

I do remember that and I saved that email that you sent describing the dream after I emailed you about her passing. It is very special and I like to think it was mom telling another little girl she loved very much goodbye.

Madeleine Doak said...

Your mom was so nice to me and always made me feel like part of the family. How did our mothers stand all the noise and confusion with so many kids and their friends in and out all day?!