Sunday, July 7, 2013

I don't know this guy

I don't know Macklemore, but since I just posted some of his music and do know Kristen, the dark-haired girl on his right, I'm taking the liberty of posting this picture that I lifted from her fb page.  Apparently, he was in Austin and she stalked him to his hotel lobby.  Passionate girls do things like that sometimes.

The idea that someone would want to end their life, because they didn't feel accepted for who they are is tragic.   I'm not crazy about Macklemore's stereotyped references to religion, in Same Love, nor am I really making a stand about gay marriage although I don't disagree with it - just a stand that people should be able to be themselves.  Everybody.  And, I love Lady Gaga's Born This Way.  Excellent singing behind the wheel music.  Plus, her crooked smile is adorable.

Macklemore's Otherside is powerful.  Anything that deglamorizes drug use for kids is worth repeating.

It's a tough world out there and I appreciate songs that may help someone, somewhere.

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