Monday, June 24, 2013

Think I Can Do It?

My inner voice is taking a ride on the crazy bus. Luckily, summer vacation allows me plenty of free time, so I'm counting on manic productivity grabbing the steering wheel before said bus careens into orbit.  And, productive I'll be.  Besides quieting the household work always screaming for attention, I'm going to immerse myself in French history and try to work it all out in my head; read up on world affairs (in the magazine edited by brother, Jim - and try to work them all out in my head; record family stories and try to work them all out in my head.  That's a lot to work out in my head.  Think I can I do it?

While I'm at it, I'll do Rosetta Stone every day, to give myself confidence enough to exchange pleasantries with Yasmine, my ever-patient French teacher; walk with Emma until she can't take any more; write letters from my heart; cook and take care of my husband and daughter.  Oh, and riding lessons.

Combined with my family and friends and the rest of my life and obligations, these activities ought to keep me busy enough to quell that damn inner voice.

Having said all that, instead of saying what this post was originally going to say, which was something along the lines of "I love this picture that Elissa took of Micah and Lanie.  See more of her work at," I'd better go.  Meeting Terry for dinner.

Btw, Elissa, my dear, oft-mentioned, French-history-loving friend is moving to Galveston, so we'll have all sorts of time to discuss our shared interest.  I'm going to visit her there in a couple of days.  So, yay.  Busy.

Hmmm.  This picture has nothing to do with what I wrote in this post.

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