Monday, November 5, 2012

Marlborough Tower

The Marlborough Tower, from which guests fished, was named after a song that the Dauphin's wet nurse, Geneviéve Poitrine, crooned to him.

"In the midst of this little Hamlet, a high tower, known as the Marlborough Tower, dominated its surroundings.  Its exterior staircases, covered in wallflowers and geraniums, had an elevated parterre.  One of the cottages contained the dairy, and the cream, stored in superposed porcelain vases on white marble tables, was chilled by a stream running through the room.   Close by was the real farm where the Queen kept a magnificent herd of cows that grazed on the surrounding meadows."  Félix, Comte de France d'Hézecques, memoirs of a page at the court of Louis XVI.

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