Monday, November 5, 2012

Petit Trianon Glaciére

This little treasure sits at the rear of the Petit Trianon, near the Lac du Trefle, were built by Louis XIV in 1686 and used until 1909.  Ice was gathered in the winter and stored, layered with hay, in the inner chamber within thick stone walls to be used to preserve food and to make the flavored ices of which XIV was fond. This is just the visible section of a building that reaches deep into the ground.  One entered through a two-door airlock, the second of which was not to be opened until the first one was tightly sealed and the air temperature had dropped.


Elissa said...

Now this is something I have yet to experience! You'll have to show me in March.

Madeleine Doak said...

We're gonna have to find it! I've only seen it in a book that I bought in their bookstore. I think it said it's by the L'Orangerie. There are other interesting things you may not have seen. I'm pretty sure that parts of Provence's hameau is still on the property somewhere. We'll have to research the town of Versailles, because there are some forgotten (or at least lesser known) treasures there.