Thursday, August 23, 2012

She tries to be good

This hideous creature is Leila.  Leila tries to be good.  She's terrible at being good, because she's a primal beast with no self-control.  This summer, she bit Emma and before we realized Emma had been bitten (long hair,) the bite got infected and she really almost died.  As tempting as it is to go into detail, I will take the high road on this one.  I may be joking about it now, but it wasn't one bit funny at the time.  No one was actually home to see the incident, but there's not any doubt in our minds that Leila did it.  Except Terry who sees only good in her (He thinks she's beautiful.  Need I say more?) and fawns over her so much that Micah says she would not be one bit surprised if that relationship turns physical.  Love is blind.

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