Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bouillon: Marie Antoinette's last meal, but not as good as a Happy Meal

We're plying David's dog, Emma, with every temptation we can think of, nursing her back to health after a very serious illness.   Bouillon hasn't been the most successful offering, but it has reminded me of a fantastic post with a recipe for bouillon and an outline of Marie Antoinette's life so much more succinct than I could produce that I suggest you go straight to the source:

I thought there was a factual error in this cleverly written post, one that gets me all riled up (that Marie Antoinette said "Let them eat cake.") until I looked up the critically important word in parentheses right before the sentence about the cake.  So, bonus, I learned a new word today.

Also... the Happy Meal hamburger should be credited with kick-starting Emma's recovery.  After eating practically nothing for over a week, Emma came to life when it was offered. It was, predictably, my idea.  I can attest to its deliciousness, but it was the steroids that the vet prescribed to amp up Emma's appetite that did the trick.  David is calling her Emma Clemmons.  I'm happy, and so relieved, to be able to report that Emma is going to recover.  It was nip and tuck there for awhile.  Pictured:  my collection of bouillon cups

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