Saturday, June 23, 2012

Party at the Conciergerie!!!

Exciting news!  News to me anyway. The Conciergerie is available to rent for personal events.   It wouldn't be my choice for a wedding, but perfect for a family reunion dinner or, better yet, a group reading with a medium.  I can picture sitting around (on the edge of our seats, no doubt) with the Long Island Medium and a bunch of girlfriends, wine glasses in hand, drinking in messages from those who have passed over.  Good stuff.

In the meantime...   Michele and I were treated to an unexpected display of art in the cavernous Conciergerie in March.  It was interesting, but not really my taste.  The tiny library made of black feathers (Crow?  Raven?  Let's go with Raven.  It did look as if it could've been Poe inspired.) was kind of cozy, but I had to wonder if there might be some bird feather smell that would distract me from my reading.  Michele wasn't a fan either, but more because she thought the exhibit was dark and weird.  I guess it wasn't dark and weird enough for me, because I was anxious to move on to the regular prison.

This post's stab at humor doesn't reflect how I really feel about the Conciergerie.  That place is serious business and profoundly serious to me.   More on that later.

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