Sunday, January 10, 2010

Memory Lane takes a shortcut through the kitchen

Remember when we used to make these potholders? And, the pig cutting board is just like the one Mike made in shop class that Mom had in her kitchen forever. The cookbook was mine when I was little.
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kimmy coleslaw said...

I loved making those potholders!!

Madeleine said...

Me, too! They're hard to find now. The news ones are made of - gasp - nylon or some other non-cotton fabric. Whenever I stick my arm in an oven (to get something out!), I remember how the sleeve of your robe caught on fire when you were doing that. Do you remember? I think it was a robe. It had fringe on it or something. I don't quite know how that could happen - maybe in the broiler since it has an open flame... do you remember when King's Grant had that summer camp in the cafeteria with crafts like pottery making?