Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sixty mph near miss

Can you believe this picture? Two days before Christmas, Terry was driving on the freeway when a 4x4x24 block of wood came spinning straight toward him. He saw it coming and leaned way to the right without losing control of the car. I have a new respect for his driving skills which, frankly, heretofore I'd considered pretty iffy. Every time I ride with him, I marvel at the fact that he makes it home every day without me there to tell him to slow down, and watch for this and that, but he's proved (proven?) he can handle a vehicle. The piece of wood (which we think was a chock that had been mistakenly left on - a subsequently flew off - the 18 wheeler in front of him.) came through the windshield, hit the dashboard and flew back out the window. Terry wasn't hurt at all, but glass flew all over the car - even into his mouth, ears, and underwear. He went back the next day and picked up the glass imbedded wood from the side of the freeway. We all had a big reminder that there's a lot for which to be grateful and are so happy he walked away from it.
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