Saturday, March 7, 2009

My future tattoo

If I ever join the Navy, and get a tattoo, it will be a question mark. This one is in my office - appropriately, because the kids who come in there must be full of questions - where to go, what to study, what to do with their lives. Don't worry, I don't dispense advice. The line from a 70's song, by Jonathan Edwards, comes to mind, as it often does... "You can't even run your own life,, I'll be damned if you'll run mine." Fortunately, the college counselor knows everything about everything so there is sound advice guidance given.
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Friday, March 6, 2009

TWHS College and Career Center

Here's my desk. Uncharacteristically neat. After I scanned and looked at this picture, the sign-in sign, which was meant to be light-hearted, seemed harsh. I took it down. This is just the corner of the office. To the right, are maybe twenty computers for kids to use to research, prepare for and apply to colleges. The room has college pennants hanging around the perimeter, college posters covering the walls, shelves full of catalogs, books, articles, periodicals, DVDs. I LOVE my job! Why? Love the staff. the way they care about and want the best for the students. Love feeling like I'm part of my children's world because, even though they aren't there now, they used to be. Love my post-it notes, entering stuff into the computer and the simple pleasure of writing with a good pen, a smooth pen. Love my boss - her sense of humor, take-charge attitude, and truthfulness, rational-ness. Her office is right behind my desk, around the corner, to the left. "The (wo)man behind the curtain" comes to mind every time a student comes in to see her and doesn't realize where her office is tucked away. As in, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain," from the The Wizard of Oz. Love high school students - all of them. Unceasingly amazing, each and every one. Posted by Picasa

Allie at Katie's wedding - July 2088

Next time I see Allison, I hope we have a chance for a good, long chat. I want to sit up, late at night, and talk to her and Katherine, her mother. It's usually too busy, too many people around, but next time.... We're going to TALK! I love you, Allie!
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

This picture reminds me of Jake

When Jake was a little boy, he was sitting around listening to the grown-ups and burst into tears. When asked why, he wailed, "This is so BORING!" He's always been perceptive. This picture, L-R, is of Mamie Clark(e) Maury, Jane Maury Denton, and Irene Steele Denton. And me, obviously in distress, pulling my hair out, bored to tears. We have a series of pictures taken this day, which appears to be Mother's Day, or maybe Easter, in Pensacola. They made me stand in one too many shots.
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An early attempt

Posting on a blog, the first pictures that one adds end up at the bottom because they add from the top of the page. So, if one post reminds me of another, they are presented in backwards order. If one planned ahead, laid out pictures in advance, it would be more cohesive. The post, below, of David in the red outfit made me want to find Micah in the same outfit. I searched for a particular photo that I remember but couldn't find it. This early attempt at scrapbooking holds two pictures that relate to the one of David, below. Top right, Micah in background wearing the aforementioned outfit that Jim and Marilyn gave David when he was a baby. Beneath that, Micah browsing through a Hanna catolog. My scrapbooking style has improved and the choice of scrapbook materials has widened, thank goodness.
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Mary Berry

Here's Mary Elizabeth, who looked just like Katherine Elizabeth, who looked just like Elizabeth Winship. They were all adorable babies. Even though the original cookie made from that cookie cutter was James Steele. It probably goes back farther than that but I haven't seen pictures of any others. This picture was taken at Princess Anne Country Club when Aunt Madeleine and Janie McPhillips were visiting. Yeah, we were uptown that day. We didn't normally hang out at the Country Club but the Mobile relatives were staying there. Mary's bathing suit was a dusty blue, waffle-weave fabric and there are several really cute pictures of her wearing it, the cutest of which is the one where she's smoking a cigarette that Jimmy gave her. Hey, if I can remember the fabric of my little sister's bathing suit for more than forty years, I'm probably right that Jim gave her the cigarette. I don't remember what we ate that day (probably peanut butter and jelly from home) but when Tricia and I somehow weasled our way past the lifeguards checking membership cards, in high school, we ate toasted club sandwiches with a wedge of dill pickle on the side. Tricia said that was how she wanted to live when she grew up. (By they way, she just came to visit me, with her boyfriend, Raleigh, en route to fulfill another dream of her's - they went on a cruise. ) Before this post went off-course, I intended to say how much I love my little sister, Mary. She's as precious today as she was on this innocent summer day.
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Not so distant history

I still melt when I look at this picture of David when he was about 18 months old. Forgive the cliche but, as any parent will attest, it seems like yesterday. I clearly remember that day - dressing him in this soft, cuddly clothes that Jim and Marilyn sent to him and going to the semi-run down Olan Mills studio that used to be across the freeway. Of course, I still have it the outfit up in the attic! It's kind of weird to look back at pictures and distinctly recall the texture and fit of the fabric, isn't it? This turtleneck collar kind of rolled down instead of standing up and, eventually, the edges of the cuff sleeves got kind of grimy. It may have been made in some sweatshop, in a country where the citizens ate their dogs or something because whoever cut out the appliqued Scottie was unfamiliar with the shape of a dog's head. It's still one of my favorites and he wore until I couldn't stuff him into it anymore. Then Micah wore it.
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