Saturday, December 21, 2013

Less than three months until Paris 2014. What wonders lie ahead?

I took this from my sister-in-law Michele's apartment window the first night of the trip my friend, Barbara, and I took in 2011.  I stood and stared at the city beneath me, so excited that our whole trip lay ahead.  The small orb-like lights are not spirits, alas, but raindrops on the huge picture window.

Across the Seine, March 2013.

 Another late night walk beside the Seine.

 One of the entrances to the Louvre…

The I. M. Pei entrance to the Louvre.  (Museum open 'til 9:45 on Wed. and Fri.!)

 Palais Royale, previous home of Philippe Égalite, among others.  Colorful history.  Charlotte Corday bought her murder (such a harsh word considering the victim) weapon here.  Here, Jeanne de la Motte hired the prostitute that impersonated Marie Antoinette in the Versailles garden as part of the Diamond Necklace Affair scandal.