Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mama

Jane Maury Denton
March 22, 1926 - November 22, 2007
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My new grandbaby

Theirs was a modern courtship

This is the stallion, Cicero's Icewater, that sired Liberty's baby.  I got this picture off the breeder's website.  Pretty, isn't he?   His and Liberty's relationship was very modern.  No, not FB.  It involved test tubes and FedEx.  
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Five weeks late, minutes old

 Micah called me at 3:30 this morning to tell me that Liberty had, 5 weeks late, finally foaled.  I jumped out of bed and pulled up the webcam. Micah and I (she in Boston) watched together for almost two hours.  The little filly is precious with long, white socks and long, long legs.  I had to quit watching and stay too busy to think about it, because, at first, the baby wasn't standing like a new foal should and Liberty wasn't producing enough milk. Whenever there's a problem, my mind rushes to the worst possible scenario ending and get unreasonably afraid and today was no different.  Courtney, with her cooler head, and her helpers, had to lift the foal up to nurse and help everything along.  They must've done everything just right, because when my friend, Trish, and I went to see the new baby late this afternoon, she was much stronger. 
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Courtney of Cornerstone Sport Horses

Courtney has taken such good care of Liberty and we're grateful to her for sharing this experience with us.  It looks like these two mommies are having a moment.
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 Is there a word for this thing that horses do when they smell something unusual?
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 There was some concern, at first, that Liberty wasn't producing enough milk and that the baby wasn't standing up quickly enough.  Courtney had to actually lift and hold her in place, but, eventually, it all worked out.
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Sweet mama

Posted by PicasaThere was a big storm forecast for last night, so Courtney brought all the horses in to the barn.  There weren't enough stalls, so she put Sophie (see earlier post) in the stall with Liberty.  When Courtney checked the webcam at 2:00 a.m., she saw that Liberty was in labor.  She rushed to the barn and arrived to find the new baby on the ground and Sophie asleep in the corner.  Just one big happy family.

Tricks for treats

Liberty begs when she wants something. 
In this case, she wants a treat. 
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'Night, Baby, it's been a big day, hasn't it?

 As we were leaving, baby went back to sleep.  Liberty was probably right behind her.
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