Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Micah's horse (who's owned by someone else now, but we feel is still ours) is keeping us all in suspense. Liberty is "technically" owned (which, sadly, means "actually") by Courtney, Micah's ex-trainer and owner of Cornerstone Sport Horses. Liberty is supposed to foal any day and Courtney made the mistake of giving me access to view (online) the webcast of Liberty's stall. So, now I watch it half the night and pester Courtney with endless questions. Last night, I watched from 2:00-3:30, thinking Liberty was in labor, only to realize she'd gone to sleep and I should do the same. The night before, I watched until I decided nothing was going to happen, went to bed, woke up in the morning and ran to the computer to check. I was shocked to see a colt in the stall with her, and was, superficial person that I am, disappointed that our magical, beautiful Liberty had delivered a giant behometh of a foal. It turned out that it was Sophie, a yearling that Liberty has adopted and who eats breakfast and dinner with her, in her stall. No baby yet. But, I'm extremely excited at the prospect and plan to call it, if it's a girl, "Belle," as in Liberty's Belle. Courtney can name her anything she wants, but in the fantasy world I inhabit, where we still own her, she will be named Belle. What's in a name anyway? Liberty's registered name is Red Hot Drawers and her father's is Drop Your Drawers. How tacky is that?
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