Sunday, May 17, 2009

I wonder...

Does Michael still get white around his nose when he cries? He's such a grown up now that I can't be sure.
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This was taken minutes after we surprised Michael on his birthday in March. We don't see each other enough!!! I'm going to visit her this summer and can't wait.
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This is me turning Dad's homecoming in to a photo op.
One cool thing about this picture, in case you didn't notice, is that the newpaper print is in what I think is Arabic. One of Don and Branwen's friends sent it to them, I think.
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Micah and Jessie

Two peas in a pod, these two. Micah went to look at schools in the Northeast, in April, and was able to meet Jessie in NYC for a three hour brunch. She said it was the best time of her trip by far. It's all about heart-to-heart talks. Oh, and they went shopping and bought matching shirts. So girlfriend-y. Because Micah had just forgotten her camera on the train, this picture of them take in Spring of 2003 is all I have to offer. Got the camera back later, though. Hurray Amtrak.
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Saturday, May 9, 2009


This is my boss (second from left) with some of the women in her life. I didn't ask if I could put this on my blog but, since it was already online, it's public property. Sheredian is kind of like "Madonna" in that she's famous enough to be known by her first name only. Google her name and you'll see why. She's the person who showed me how to set up a blog and has encouraged me to continue. "Encouraged" in that she went so far as to tell me, after I'd quit doing it, that I couldn't take two days off to go to Michael's birthday unless I posted on my blog. She can be very persuasive. As you can see, by this scrapbook page that she made, she's very creative and talented. And pretty! She's also funny, supportive, fun, thoughtful, tireless, smart, meticulously accurate, unflappable, poised and loyal. Definitely one of the most logical people I've ever met - I stand in her office doorway and obsess about the issue at hand while she patiently listens, then cuts right to the core, nailing the truth right on the head. Sometimes she has to repeatedly tap that nail while I wring my hands and continue to get lost in irrelevant details as she calmly repeats herself until I listen. She said I always have to have the last word (a opinion inadvisably confirmed by Micah and Terry later) but I still don't believe it. If she didn't always say something after me, I wouldn't have to say another word. We are in the midst of a big project and, honestly, I'm not sure why she hasn't fired me. I make a lot of mistakes. I mean well, really I do. I won't ennumerate the excuses I've come up with - they're all pretty lame. But, Sheredian continues to bring me Starbucks in the morning, handmakes cards for me, and is a friend in ways large and small.
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CD cover idea

A few years ago, Mom recorded herself reading her favorite childhood book and gave the cassette to Micah for Christmas. Recently, I had the cassette made into a CD and designed a CD cover for the case. This is one of the cover attempts that I didn't use. I like it because the handwriting at the bottom is copied from the card that Mom gave Micah with the gift but the overall design wasn't what I had in mind. Mom looks like she's maybe fifteen or so? Which I thought might be the age at which she "listened to and loved" The White Cliffs." I gave a CD to Mike and Mary at Mike's 50th birthday and have ordered more CDs for my other brothers and for Dad.
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