Monday, May 25, 2015

The Golden Years


Jessi passed away yesterday.  
We will always remember her sweetness, loyalty, and companionship.   
In honor of Jessi and Micah...

Micah and David bringing Jessi home

Micah and Jessi with Cristine and Jessi's brother, Scout. Cristine and her family gave Jessi to Micah - a gift of inestimable value

 15th birthday 

attracting Lanie's attention

at my parent's home on Fowl River in about 2001

at the barn with Keeper

Christmas 2014

Two Dogs and a Girl, Christmas 2014

Christmas morning, 2014

making sure she doesn't come home clean

living the good life at Danielle's while I was in Paris

surrogate mommy to stray kitten

smiling and happy in a designer tee shirt and some sort of hair/ear accessory

in the back of the plane en route to Mobile

being persuaded, by David, to jump in the water at a swimming hole in Fowl River

convinced by David that it was safe to come in

passively accepting her role as a dress-up dog, yet again

ready to go

towards the end, only steak would do

always with us

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