Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Trial

Danton, hugely popular with the people of Paris, seemed nearly poised to win the day, as his powerful voice, punctuated by thunder and lightning outside, resounded throughout the Palais de Justice on the day of his "trial."  Robespierre and his cohorts eliminated that possibility by refusing to allow neither witnesses nor a defense and by handpicking a suitable jury from among their supporters.

The most horrifying development in the procedure, for Camille, certainly must've been the accusation that his wife was a conspirator and would be brought to trial.  "Trial" such as it was.  No defense, no witnesses, no justice.

The conviction was a foregone conclusion virtually unavoidable unless by an uprising of men terrified for their own lives.  That didn't happen.  So, to the scaffold went the Dantonists.

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