Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lucile Desmoulins

Camille loved his wife, Lucile.  Upon her accepting his marriage proposal (or, rather, her father accepting it), he wrote these words to his father.:

I have waited so long for happiness, but it has come to me at last, and today I am as happy as any man can ever be on this earth.  Lucile, about whom I've written so often and whom I have loved for eight years, has promised to marry me and her parents have at last consented.  A moment ago, her mother came, crying with joy, to tell me the good news…  She led me into her daughter's room and I threw myself on the floor before Lucile.  I heard her laugh and I raised my eyes in surprise.  But, like mine, her eyes were filled with tears of happiness and she was crying at the same time as she laughed.  Never have I seen anything so beautiful…."

Talk about wearing one's heart on one's sleeve.  I gotta love this guy.

Then, upon the birth of his son, Horace:

  "I have a son!  My only wish is that one day he will love me as much as I love my father."

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