Sunday, April 14, 2013


Last September, Lanie and Sophie went to Holsteiner Approvals where they were rated and, damn that burns, branded.  Lanie was weaned at the same time.  The first day that she and Liberty were separated,  they paced back and forth along the fence lines of their respective pastures, whinnying and calling to each other.  It was very sad, but I was philosophical, knowing it had to happen sometime.  All the same, I decided to stay away until they were accustomed to it.  Figured it would take a couple of days.

When I returned a few days later to find Liberty in the same place, still pacing and whinnying, my own apparently crazy, latent, unresolved attachment issues hit me and I cried and cried watching it.  It was so pitiful and, to make matters worse, the horses in Liberty's new pasture wouldn't let her eat.  My food issues are much less latent than the separation variety.  I couldn't stand to see her in distress over Lanie, then see her get chased away from her food.  At least I knew how to fix that problem.  I bought a couple bags of grain and went to the barn every day after work to feed her and shoo the other horses away.  I'd call her name and she'd come trotting, then cantering, across the pasture.  Made me happy.

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