Monday, October 13, 2008


Ah, Youth. Do whatever you want, whenever you want. We definitely need a trip to the mountains!
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Seriously... a trip to the mountains sounds pretty good to me right now

For many summers, we spent nearly a week at Terry's parent's old cabin in Riudoso. We hunted for (and found) arrowheads, had picnics, roasted marshmallows over a fire and read books about Indians aloud at night. David and Micah got busy with basketball and gymnastics and those trips got pushed to the side. It's about time we get back up there. An especially favorite thing to do was the annual ritual of getting dunked in the stream at Eagle Creek. There's nothing like plunging head first into ice cold water to bring life into perspective! My perspective's just fine, though. I'll stay on the bank.
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A picnic in the New Mexico mountains

Oreos, a book, and a sunny day enjoyed by my son, David.
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Our Micah

Micah with her Hannas on. The cuddliest clothes known to man.
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It's pumpkin carving time

Don's wife, Mary, and his granddaughter, Eliza, last October.
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POW Reunion - Dallas

Micah, me, Mom and David at a POW reunion, in about 1998 - My favorite part of that weekend, besieds being with Mom and Dad on such an occasion, was seeing Bill and Janie Tschudy for the first time in about 20 years. Also, I remember the amazed feeling upon seeing (Cdr.?) Stratton in real life, for the first time, after seeing him so many times in a Hanoi released photo taken while he was a prisoner; an amusing, somewhat embarrassing conversation with fellow POW child, Mike McDaniel; Terry just loving being a part of it all; my sense of the unspoken feeling of shared knowledge and experience between the ex-prisoners; watching Return with Honor, for the first time, in a theatre full of men who'd done it; riding a bus with other POWs and their families when a man who had accepted early release got on and the knowledge that he probably felt very out of place; taking a photo of the Alcatraz men (posted previously); men stopping by our table at breakfast in the hotel to say hello and one of them describing how he'd sat in a long line at McDonald's the day before, in order to get a Beanie Baby (a Teanie Beanie, I believe they were called!) from the Happy Meal, for his grand-daughter. Proof that he'd been fully assimilated into American life.
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Terry, Michael and Katherine's cousin

In about 1982, in Mom and Dad's gorgeous apartment in DC. We all met there for Thanksgiving. The highlights, as I remember them... Mike provided lobster, I was skinny, Jerry slept under the dining room table, Jake, Edward and Jessica went through Dad's medals on the bedroom floor, Mom had my French cradle set up, Katie was a wide-eyed one year old, we got a family portrait taken while Dad recited Gunga Din from memory, I made blueberry muffins that didn't rise, Branwen made delicious pecan pie, Marilyn and I went for a run along a wooded parkway, we sang at the piano. The coquettish red-hooded woman in the painting is my great-grandmother. The painting was made for a Christmas card when she was a girl.
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Rachel and Maury

Living the Good Life in Richmond. I took this picture when we were on the way to eat pizza when I visited them in July. We're lucky to have the picture since I then left the camera at the restaurant and then left town the next day and Mike had to go get it for me.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mamie Clarke Pugh, my mother's mother, in Mobile. Early in the last century. Maybe early 1907. Since Michael shared the results of his blood, sweat and tears geneology research, via email, I happen to know that she was born in 1904. On March 15, which I already knew
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Monday, October 6, 2008

Name that view...

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From the extensive files...

Where's Reagan when we need him? We could all use a laugh. Tomorrow, I'll pick out a joke from the book Jimmy compiled of Reagan quips and folksy jokes and we can all reminisce about simpler times with The Gipper. If you can't read the small print in this article, call me and I'll read it to you :)
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Don, Mom and Dad in France

This must've been such a great trip. Mom's face is beaming in all the pictures that they brought home.
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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall reminds me of Cheatham Annex

Cheatham Annex seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere but was really part of Yorktown Naval Weapons Station. Our times there have already been described, on my blog, but one thing that may have been omitted is that we were fishing off the dock and Mary discovered, for the first time, that fishing sometimes kills fish. She didn't take the revelation well. On occasion pictured, we shared a cabin with the Brady children and their mother, Louise - fellow POW family that lived in King's Grant. L-R Richard Brady, my little brother Michael, Richard's younger sister (her name is dancing somewhere near the edge of my memory), my little sister Mary and me. Tell me there wasn't a tv in that cabin. Two of those kids look hypnotized by something. My tan and haircut look pretty cute, though. Mom said it made me look like Twiggy :). Remember Twiggy? She's aged well, by the way... she was a judge on one of those reality shows - the modeling one with Tyra Banks. Only saw it in passing. Not a reality show fan. Watch a lot of Cold Case Detectives and American Justice, though.
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